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Chris Milker's Answers

where do I report loan officers who keep calling me?
You can use the link below.
New home mortgage rates
It would be reasonable to expect an interest of no more the 4%. You will want to make sure the amount of debt you carry versus your income does not exceed 45%. I would make sure you qualify before you start shopping.
can my mother sell me her house for the amount she owe bank 109000 the FMV of the house is 250000
FHA allows for sellers to gift to the buyer part of the equity of the house that they are selling. This is called a gift of equity, but can only work between those that are relatives. This gift can be used for both the down payment and the closing costs. All other FHA guidelines apply to this type of purchase. ie....
HARP 2.0 through current lender is a little more than $10k to close
Dear Monrovia, MD,I think the interst rate is high. I do not know about the overall expense of the fees. What do they include? I think it would be prudent to get a second opinion on rate and fees. You can't go back and redo HARP again. Regards,MD licensed

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