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Corey Moser's Answers

Home refinance with middle FICO score of 751, can I get a 4% rate?
Hi Bryce, Thank you for your question. You're on track for the best available rate and very low fees. Our current 30-year fixed rate loan for that size loan amount is 3.875% with no lender fees. The 15-year rate with no lender fees is 3.125% and lastly the 20-year rate with no lender fees is 3.75%. You can...
How will the fiscal cliff negotiations affect mortgage rates?
Good Afternoon.If a favorable deal is reached to avert the fiscal cliff, the stock market will rally and this will have a negative affect on mortgage rates. If a deal is not reached, or if the deal that is reached is not favorable, then mortgage rates will drop as more investors will continue to move their...
Can we qualify for a cash out refinance if our combined DTI is 50%?
The maximum debt ratio for a cash-out refinance is 43%, however, if you're using the funds to pay off debt; that can significantly reduce the overall debt ratio. You can email me directly or call if you have further questions. or 801-403-7351. Thank you.

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