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Jason Bojonny's Answers

Can i use a rental income towards a second mortgage loan?
As long as the income is stated on tax returns you should be good to go.
is there a standard cap on the amount available for a va loan or does it depend on the area i choose to live in? What is it for Oceanside?
The VA will lend up to 100% of the value according to the county loan limit. Each county has their own set limit, the majority of them being $417K. If you are looking to do 100% financing you need to check your county's loan limit. Just go to VA.Gov website for a full list of all counties.
My fiance and I served and were wondering if there is any extra advantage to the va loan for 2 vets taking a joint mortgage.
To reiterate what was said below. If you both have VA entitlement it would be a wise decision to use one on one property and one on another as long as they are both going to be used as primary residences for the required amount of time. Once that time is met you can then look at making one an investment property....
requirements for refiancing after Bankruptcy?
For FHA and VA you can streamline the refinance the day after the bankruptcy is discharged. As long as the mortgage was reaffirmed.Hope that helps.
Applying for morgage unmarried
Yes you can apply for the mortgage in just your name, depending on the state that you live in your wife might have to be on title but the loan can be in just your name.give me a call and I would be happy to help you get a pre-approval. 877-580-2006 ext. 103
On FHA streamline refinance can you go from 30 year fixed to a 15 year fixed
Just to give you a clear answer to your question. With an FHA streamline you can go from a 15 yearr to a 30 year as long as there is still the required 5% monthly PI and Mortgage insurance savings that the FHA requires. That means that you must save at least 5% on your monthly payment. Since most mortgages at 15...
I'm ready to buy, but my FICO says otherwise...
I have a bank that can do FHA new home purchase with scores above 530. Let me know if you would like to get into contact.Thanks.
how many days of the year must i live in a home for it to be considered a primary residence?
FHA states a primary residence must be lived in for at least 183 days of the year.
Should I refi if I plan to move out of my home in 2 years? My current rate is 5.95%.
If you can save money on your monthly bills over the next two years. Absolutely.

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