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Cody Bellah's Answers

where can I find a list of HARP certified lenders?
Hello, I can do HARP loans (DU refi plus) as long as the house is currently owned by Fannie Mae. I can do them in KS and MO. I have lenders that will go up to a 125% loan to the value of your of now. Come March it will have no loan to value restrictions. Call me is you have any questions at 816-256-0013 or email...
No Cost Refinance.
When the bank or broker is doing a NO COST loan, that means you are getting a little higher rate than if you were to not do a NO COST loan. If you have any questions please feel free to call me @ 8162560013 (Cody Bellah)
Here is my question pmi?
Hello, with that loan to value you have you are better off going to a FHA loan at 97.75%. Conventional loans will go up to 97% but they are going to hit you really hard with PMI and yes it would be a lot more than you pay now. On top of that after all your adjustments to your rate it would be that good of a rate anyway. ...
Are there still lenders out there that can help us?
I have 2 lenders that will go down to a 620 credit much does your husband make per year?If you would like to call me to discuss it further I can be reached at 816-256-0013. Cody Bellah.
Can I have a 600-700 dollar house payment
You sure can as long as you make enough to support that monthly income...if you would like call me and I can do a no cost pre qualification for you. Cody Bellah 816-256-0013
USDA Qualification help
I can do DTI's up to 48% but would also need a 640 fico and paying down just 1 of the CC to a 20% balance would get him over the 640 Fico, If you would like to call me I would be happy to help you 816-256-0013 Cody Bellah
Can I buy a home with only 2 years credit history?
I can do it, and I am a broker here in Missouri also. Please feel free to call me @ 816-256-0013
First Time Homebuyer Questions Topeka Ks
If you would like you can call me and I can give you a free quote over the phone without having to pull your credit. As the others said FHA can be done with minimal down payment and I would love to help you and let you know what I can do for you! Cody Bellah 816-256-0013
FHA streamline refinance with bad credit
I can help you but you must have at least a 620 Middle score. At the very least I can help you get your score back up to where it should be. And no, whether you have a 620 or a 720 there really isn't a difference in the rate. Call me if you would like some guidance Cody Bellah 816-256-0013
co-signing a mortgage
There are over 10 different things that will determine and interest rate. Product, term, credit score, escrows, loan to value, purchase or refi, ect. They will take the lower of the 2 credit score between both of you. I work in Overland Park if you would like, I can give you a free consultation and get you...
fha loan mortgage insurance
After 5 years on a FHA loan if you are below 78% loan to value on your home you will not have it anymore with proof of an appraisal. It dosent matter how much you put for a down payment as long as you meet the 3.5% down you will have it. Even if you put 50% down. Now on a 15 year loan you will not have it under 89.99%. As far...
we would like to refinance our home but we have bad credit ,they are 590and 589 can we refinacace with credit like that . Mo
If you get to a 600 Fico for your middle score I can help you. I can also help you get your score up to where it needs to be. Call me for a free consultation at 816-256-0013. Cody Bellah
Does the U.S. Fair Lending Act protect borrowers from age discrimination?
Travis is correct! They can how ever, deny you to the lack of established credit if you haven't have any for very long.
I saw a property that is being handled by bac loan servicing company and would like to purchase it. How?
Bac is Bank of America, and the first thing you need to do is get pre-approved by a mortgage professional. I would be happy to help you with that if you would like. Cody Bellah 816-256-0013
can anyone please tell me what a lender credit is. is it like points
A lender is a bank, that the one that would lend the money to you for a home. It is not like points. If you are trying to buy and want some guidence please dont hesistate to call me. Cody Bellah @ 816-256-0013.
Do usda loans have mortgage insurance
Yes, its is .40% right now
If I compare lenders will it damage my credit?
I have read multipal books that say that back in the early 70's they made it to where multipal auto and mortgage inquires only would only show up on the score card as 1 hard pull if they were all done within 1 month, so people can shop around with out it hurting there score. However I can tell you from...
Are Harp loans able to be used for VA loan refinance?
No, Harp is a Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac product only. VA is its own entity.
qualification for fha streamlie refi with credit 684
In a short answer YES. But a lot of other things are involved as well.

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