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I've worked with seniors for over 30 years and have been in the Reverse Mortgage industry since 2005. Reverses are truly great products provided you know how to choose which one is the right one for you. I help seniors separate fact from fiction so they may understand what makes one reverse much better than another. Once you understand how they work it's easy to see which one would be the best product to choose, or if you even need one at all. I work for the borrower, not the lenders. My ability to explain how these products work is what has made me a sought after speaker to consumer, attorney and financial planning groups.

Correctly applied, a Reverse Mortgage may reduce mortgage debt, lower a senior's tax base, and may make them a better candidate for Medicaid/MediCal/SSI so they can make the most of what they have in their retirement years.

If you're a CPA, Financial Planner, Insurance Specialist or Elder Care Attorney, you need to know what a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage is and how they can really work for your clients.

If you're looking for an ethical loan officer who can answer your questions correctly and walk you through the process of getting a reverse mortgage, please call or email me today. Get straight facts about this much misunderstood financial tool. Give me a call me at (310) 405-1703 or drop me a line at!

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