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Wells Fargo Foreclosure eminent after 10 months of them beating us up! No completed review. No denial letters. HELP!
First of all, you have to calm down. You have to understand that there are people filing lawsuits all over the country against lenders for SEC violations, securities fraud, RICO charges - and, winning! You could too! But, take it have so much time! You can drag this out in court for years! One...
building a new home
Are you kidding? With the glut of existing homes on the market, you would be foolish to "build new"! In my area, homes that COST $250.00 a sq. ft. are going for $20-$30 now! Think about it???
NO LONGER BANGING HEAD!!!!! Headaches gone!!!!
Good for you! But, remember what I said - if you pursue this as the true injustice that has been committed against you in a court of law ... you may end up with your home (and, even more) as a settlement! Nothing that you've done so far has disqualified you.
My father passed away two years ago leaving me his house.
Wow - there really is no point in your paying that mortgage, unless you were making money on it! But, the way the process of foreclosure is, you literally could string that out for years - while collecting rent! Just don't let them know that you have a tenant in there - best off to let them think that...

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