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We provide California and nationwide commercial bridge loan funding for acquisition cash out refinance for investment property and commercial real estate. We offer low commercial bridge loan interest rates from 6.99%. We specialize as low interest rate commercial hard money lenders for apartments, multifamily, healthcare centers, shopping centers and higher end real estate acquisition or refinance.
We have funded problematic deals with lower interest rates points and cost to investors than many other private lenders. Visit the company website for more information on "cheaper than hard money" stated income financing rates stated income loans. We offer programs for those with credit and " better credit self employed no doc financing in all states.

We also have a trust deed investment program for those interested in bridge loan investing. Please call us today for quick closings on your investment property scenarios.

Investing in Commercial Real Estate: Property Inspections If you are looking at a commercial real estate acquisition many times there are very important issues that you need to know about the investment. Getting the due...

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