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Conan Henry's Answers

former Marine with low credit score but 25,000 down payment
John:You do not need to not worry about down payment because you are a former Marine, you can do a VA loan with no down payment required. A VA loan is the best deal of any loan type if you're putting down less than 20% because there is no monthly mortgage insurance required.Your issue is your credit...
Texas A6 law: Cash-out loan and other refinance options
One at a TimeIn Texas, unlike most other states, you must pay off a home equity loan entirely before you can make another loan against your house. That's opposed to a state like California that experienced a huge run-up in housing values. To tap into the accumulated appreciation, people remortgaged...
Where to refi in Texas?
My name i Conan Henry and I am a Mortgage Consultant. If you fill out a short application on my website I would be happy to assist you with your refinance. Lastly I live and work in the Houston area so I can meet you where ever it is most convenient. My website is
Who is a good HARP Lender to work with in Texas?
My name is Conan Henry and I am mortgage consultant. I work with several lenders who offer Harp 2.0 loans. Please call me and we can discuss your options. 936-499-6740.
Here is mwy question
If you plans are to pay the lien with some of the proceeds of the refinance, than the lien will be paid at closing. This should not effect your rate. Please call me if you have any questions. 936-499-6740
Here is my question : is it worth to refinance to a conventional ?
How long are you planning on being in your home?-Conan Henry936-499-6740
Want to refinance my home in texas while living abroad.
We just help a man close on a house last month He bought in Texas and was able to do the entire transaction wial living in Singapore. Please send me your email address and we can discuss your options. Conan Henry, Mortgage ConsultantSentinel Mortgage CorporationBaytown, Texasconan.henry12@gmail...
If I move into the house I just bought, but there is a delay from the seller's side, can I move in before?
In some cases the buyer's Realtor can negotiate a short term lease on a piece of property. These leases allow the future home owner to move into the home before the sale is completed. The sellers are not always accepting of these leases but I have seen them work before. You will want to talk to your...
Curious about how much I could possibly get approved for
Assuming you income can support the loan amount with all your current debt. I would like to say with your credit score in the 700s you should consider a conventional loan. If we back out 4K for closing costs and prepaid tax-insurance then you have 7K as a true down payment 5% down on a 140K home would be 7K. So...
Is FHA the easiest loan to get approved for?
Willard:FHA minimum FICO score is only 580 so you are way above this mark. They also only require 3.5% as a minimum down payment so we are way above this mark as well. Please call me on my cellphone and we can discuss the first few steps to getting pre-qualified.Conan HenryMid America Mortgage936-499-6740

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