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Huntington Beach Branch's Answers

getting reverse mortgage hecm with grandson living at home
Yes you can still do a reverse mortgage. As of Aug 1 2014 only one borrower needs to be 62. However the amount of funds available will be based on the younger age. If you have additional questions please call me, Gloria Connelly 714 6550486 NMLS 241475,
Can we get a VA loan with a mom veteran and her son as the co-signer?
The answer is no. Has she tried qualifying on her own? Qualifying income is based on calculated residual income which is lower than qualifying for an FHA loan. I am based in Southern California. My corporate office is in San Diego. Call me if you have more questions. 7146550486.
Live my Mom and Dad died 5 years ago, how can I get on deed so mom can give me house when she dies
Just have her grant deed you half of the property as Joint Tenancy with right of survivorship.
What other states do you serve other than Mississippi
I am licensed to do loans in Washington, California, Florida and New Jersey. If I can help you give me a call: 7146550486. Have a great day.

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