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Connie Snider's Answers

New Property
Hi James,If it here in California then it would probably best to go through and escrow company and title company. Most escrow companies can help you with the paperwork to make sure it is done correctly you should have escrow get a title policy.Hope that helps.Connie Snider (626) 253-6392
Does a student loan count against me when looking for a mortgage?
Hi Lawrence, short answer is yes, to find out to what degree you should speak with a loan officer. If you are in So. California I would be happy to have my lender get in touch with you. That is the best way to get the correct information.Good Luck!Connie Snider (626) 253-6392
What is the first step?
It is very important to get pre-approved first. There is nothing more disappointing than finding the home of your dreams and then finding that you can't qualify for a loan to purchase that home.Additionally any offer that your Realtor makes on your behalf will have to have a pre-approval...
If I let my Pre-Approval lapse, and re-apply, will it hurt my credit score?
Hi,Don't rush into anything... Credit scores are less an issue (because they are very good for a VA) than the fact he is getting out of the military. Need to inquire more about that (i.e. what will employment beetc.)I hope this is of some help to you and if and good luck!

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