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Craig Prickett's Answers

FHA vs. VA loans
Va is your best option. If disabled can avoid a 2% upfront funding fee. Have you ever used your Va Benefit to buy house in past ? Do you have your DD 214 and have your checked with Va on your Certificate of Eligibility ? Getting your hands on these two documents is a great place to start process. We are a...
joint mortgage divorce
Qualify and refinance in your name, or have him refinance in his name only. Im in Pembroke Pines 954 558 4430 Loan Simple Craig
I am getting out of the military in 2 years, buying home info in texas
We are a local lender and do Va loans. My question is in regards to the home you have now. Is it a Va mortgage? Fha? Before you leave Military Join Usaa, excellent Insurance. I mention this because Im in Florida and insurance is a big issue and Usaa is a great source for insurance. I understand if you leave...
Can I get a HARP refinance if I have a HELOC?
Yes its possible. I do Florida loans for past 24 years. 954 558-4430, APPLY securely online
i have a mortgage on my home
Yes Typically, a underwriter will look to see if you have landlord experience. Is your mortgage on your current home an Fha loan? I do Florida loans. 954 558-4430. Call me for a Free ConsultationCraig
None Gov Backed Investors
The answers you have got from all the other fine mortgage professionals is right on target and I agree with all of them . For Florida loans call Craig Prickett at Loan Simple. "We make it Simple" 954 558-4430 direct/text
Here's the whole story
I believe she needs to have graduated in her profession to substitute for Job Tenure. How long ago was your Chap 7 ? and what do you mean a BK7 with a home on it? Have you checked to see if the address of the property you wish qualifies for a USDA loan. You can check at USDA .gov... Too many unknowns in your question. ...
can I get a loan even though I filed banckruptcy three months ago?
Yes I agree with the answer the other fine Loan officers write. They are both right on. Call me in Florida if need help 954 558 4430
Looking for a Portfolio Lender for a home we are looking to Purchase here in the greater Orlando FL. area
If I was you I would go FHA. They will be the kindest to you on terms and rate. In my opinion a Portfolio will not do your loan with Bk and I guess you mean a Deed In lieu of Foreclosure when you say DIL. Your only other option is PRIVATE Money. Private Money is ver expensive and being that the home will be your...
Is buying a short sale any different than a normal home purchase?
Yes.. Often buying a short sale a closing can be seriously delayed... Not really a mortgage question , more a realtor question. Call me if you like to discuss 954 558 4430
Are there any lenders that will qualify a foreign national that holds a L-1 Visa?
I have a product that will meet this need. We are a full lender and can also broker. Florida is fine. 954 558 4430
The note securing your loan is not a mortgage
For Guaranteed Excellent service call Craig Prickett Nmls #268694 at LoanSimple Inc. Online application at or call/text at 954 558 4430 Thank You
Mortgage for green card holder who works oveseas
I think I have a special mortgage product for your residency situation. Please call me at 954 558 4430 to discuss more detailsThanksCraig Prickett
is it possible for someone to do a reverse mortgage on someone's home without their knowledge and is it legal?
No, sounds like Fraud, need more information on what happened. If a HECM reverse, HUD may be interested in details. Call me if want to discuss 954 558 4430.
My loan was just locked at 3.65 but I see rates are getting lower. What can I do?
relock or call me 954 558 4430 Craig
Looking for a 30 year fixed refinance on a rental property with 80-85%.
Im in South Florida and I have your rate your looking for Call me 954 558 4430 or complete application at
Judgement on credit report
Yes. Im from Fort Myers, grew up there. Call me Im in South Florida and focus on South Florida 954 558 4430
Can I do the refinancing the same time for both primary and rental
Yes, Full Disclosure and coordianted Craig 954 558 4430
We refinanced in 2009' but our loan wasn't sold to Fannie Mae until Nov. that year. any hope???
standard refinance is your option.. 954 558 4430 Craig
Is it possible to get a loan with a credit score of 608? I have 40k for a down payment and have been trying to build my credit up.
Yes,, But,, I would want to see credit first to determine why 608.Might be a easy fix to get you to 620 640 660. We have some techniques that can help you lift score... Craig 954 558 4430

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