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Craig Warner's Answers

Bare necessary information needed for refinance
On a typical conventional refinance, where the borrower is employed, verse self employed, only W-2's are required.As far as credit with delinquencies it depends what kind of delinquencies your are speaking of.Give me a call and I can give you some counseling.
Underwater Loan, Freddie Mac, what can we do?
The responses above are correct. We currently have a program in place going up to 125%, however in the near future those restrictions will be lifted.Please give me a call. Love Annapolis, my hometown.Craig Warner
Mortgage/home owner questions
Hi Carey,The answer is yes, you can have two non people married on a mortgage, actually it is quite common in today's environment.If you have additional questions or need assistance. Feel free to contact me/us. 877-900-4762 Ext 412 We do lend in Alaska.
Options to refinance an underwater rental property?
I can help you . We are a direct lender and also have unlimited LTV's, but it's all about the LP approval. We operate nationwide.Craig Warner877-900-4762 Ext 412
Is it possible to get a HARP refinance for an investment property with 125% LTV?
Yes, we should be able to help you as long as your loan is serviced by Fannie Mae, we have unlimited LTV, however if your loan is serviced by Freddie we'd are limited to 105%. We'd be happy to explore those options for you.Let us know how we can be of service.877-900-4762 ext 412
i am wanting to refinance my house my credit score is around 629,do you think this is in reach?
We have programs available down to a 620 score, even if your are upside down in value like many people across the US.Our Bank lends across the country, so helping your refinance in TN, wouldn't be a problem.We'd be happy to spend a few minutes on the phone to determine your overall...

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