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Crystal Sheppard's Answers

When is the best time to lock ?
Mortgage interest rates have fluctuated up and down during the past 40 years. More during this time than ever which is a result of reactions to forecasts, changes in the economy, the bond market, employment and consumer spending. Interest rates react in a negative manner (slightly increasing) with...
I want to take out a refinance against my home, is cash out refinancing still available?
We have an array of products and programs and I can be reached at 828-273-3549 or
I'm closing on a home March 11th. Will rates drop from 4.875 before then?
I am not sure what the rates will do. They have jumped up and down but I can close in 21 days so you still have time to lock a loan. I will be happy to help you and you can contact me at

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