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Va loan
Va loans are a great product, if you need any advice for FL loans, please email or call. Happy to discuss your options!
Homepath Mortgage Right For Us?
Hi Dream8,Homepath just may be but in order to decide that, you first need to discuss your options with a mortgage professional. Feel free to give me a call or email me - or 386-569-3761/
student loans defaulted
It's hard to say exactly what you need to do to get your credit going in the right direction without more info. For starters, look into consolidating the loans, have an auto-pay set up from checking so you can make sure they are paid on time and also that will make documenting the payments easy for...
Can I get a home loan with less than 6 months on the job?
Hi Shane,Curious where you will be moving to? If FL, contact me and I can help you with a non-institutional mortgage and explain the process to you.Lisa - 386-569-3761
Are there any lenders that will loan money with a 648 credit score and midway through a Chapter 13?
Hi There in Naples. You should be able to get an FHA loan for the purchase of your home provided you have made at least 12 months of payments on time to the courts & the trustee will have to approve of the transaction. I can do loans with a 648 credit score. I would be happy to consult with you and see if this is...
bankruptcy moved states
It's all the same to the banks - 2 years after date of discharge for FHA financing. You must have re-established credit, have no bad credit since the discharge and if you discharged any mortgages in the bankruptcy - you will have to wait 3 yrs after the discharge date at lenders see that as the same as...
Refinancing current home with a blanket for two
You would need a non-institutional lender to do something like other words a private lender.
My home was included in bankruptcy because the bank said they do not reaffirm mortgages. It has been 3 years since the discharge d
Hi Jenpen, it sounds like you are ready to purchase again. As long as you have re-established credit since the bankruptcy, have had no bad credit and it has been 3 years since the discharge, you can do FHA financing if your credit score meets the lender requirements. I will be happy to pre-qualify you. Call...
Brother of borrower
That would be acceptable for FHA financing.Lisa Oglesby
is there such thing as a zero cost refinance?
Hi Leesburg! This is possible to have no costs and only have your taxes and insurance costs to bring to closing. I will be happy to discuss options with you. Lisa M. OglesbyMobile: 386-569-3761 / fax 888-267-7306Office: 386-585-8021Mortgage Specialist
We just purchased our home with cash. We would like a HELOC to complete landscaping, buy furniture. Is this possible
Yes it is possible. I agree with Phil..check with the local banks for HELOCs, not too many brokers offer these anymore.
A home was quit claimed to me with no mortgage can I take out a bill consolidation type loan to pay back taxes?
You may have to go with a private lender on this one..depending on the value of the property, $45k is very realistic. Your credit is not an issue. Terms are normally 10 yr notes, no prepay. Let me know if you would like more information.Lisa Oglesby, 386-569-3761
Can you get mortgage refinancing with a 710 credit score?
Hi Tom, your score is perfect with our lenders, we work with 5 different banks and can shop the best for your situation. My name is Lisa Oglesby and I am a Florida licensed loan originator and will be happy to assist you. Call me @ 386-569-3761 or email me @ and I will contact you to get...

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