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Dalibor Vavrek's Answers

What credit score do I need to get a mortgage?
FHA loans don't require minimum credit scores but most lenders want to see at least 620 middle fico score for FHA loans,for conventional loans they usually require at least 640Dali Vavrekloan officer425-351-5363
Is it possible to do a 100% loan to value cash out VA refinance washington state?
Yes we can do that. We are local lender in Kirkland WA. Please call me at 425-351-5363. Call me for more info.Dali officerWA First Mortgage Loan Corp
Is total property included in an appraisal?
Everything is included in the appraisal, value of the structure (house) and value of the land.Dali Vavrekloan officerWA First Mortgage Loan Corp425-351-5363
Would it be better to go fixed or adjustable?
5/1 ARM or 7/1 ARM program, where interest rate is fixed for the first 5 or 7 years, will give lower rate than 30 year fixed mortgage,this maybe better program for you at this point.Dali Vavrekloan officerWA First Mortgage425-351-5363
what are my chances with a 550 fico?
I am a local broker in Kirkland and we have a subprime lender who can go up to 65% of appraised value. Call me at 425-351-5363
How much do I need to put down to avoid MI?
You need to put down 20% to avoid mortgage insurance however, you can put down only 5% and NOT HAVE mortgage insurance. With slightly higher interest rate lender will pay mortgage insurance thus you don't have monthly mortgage insurance premiumGive us a call so we can explain in details 425-351-5363
Do I need to refinance to get out of an ARM and fix?
Most of the time YES. You may want to check with your lender to see if they offer a conversion to a fixed rate. If they do usually it is a quite higher rate than what you have now so it is better to refinance.Give me a call 425-351-5363 or contact me by email for a
will i qualify to buy an investment property even tho i have never owned?
You can buy an investment property but you have to meet other parameters like down payment (at least 15% ), debt to income ratios etc.You can contact me for more info at 425-351-5363 or email:

What is the question?
What could disqualify me from a usda loan?
There are income limitations per county. Your credit score needs to be at least 620 but it is hard to get approval at that score. Also you debt to income ratios need to be bellow 45% even though you can get approved at higher but again that depends aon overall credit picture. Dali, loan officer 425-351-5363
are there any lenders who can do fha for 3% down?
FHA requires 3.5% Down Payment. However you may be able get 100% Financing if you are veteran or a property qualifies for an USDA loan program. (these are mostly properties in rural areas). Fell fee to contact us with more questions 425-351-5363 Dali
Would any lenders approve Conventional with 47% DTI and 15% down??
Hi,It is possible that you may get approved with your credit but we would have to run it through automated approval engine (called DU)first.If that approves you that you would be eligible for a loan, otherwise FHA is a good options. I am a local lender in Kirkland, WA. Fell free to contact me at...
Are stated income loans available?
WE have a lender who can do loan for self-employed borrowers with 24 months bank statement. This is as close as you can get to stated income loan. Please give me a call for more details. 425-351-5363 Dali Vavrek
can closing costs be financed into the loan and paid off over time instead of upfront?
Yes you can finance closing costs. We can also show you how to do NO Closing cost loan. Give me a call 425-351-5363 Dali Vavrek WAFIRST Mortgage
worth it to lock now or will rates likely go down next week?
With credit scores at least 680 you should be able qualify with us for 30 Year Fixed Note rate of 3.25% with NO POINTS.Contact me for a more details at 425-351-5363 Dali or at
Looking for VA Loans in Washington?
You can use your VA eligibility again to purchase a home once it has been restored.We can find that out for you. With your scores we can offer 3.25% (3.313% APR) on 30 Year Fixed MortgageNO POINTS.Please contact me at 425-351-5363 or daliborv@wfmtg.comDalibor Vavrek MLO90063 WAFIRST Mortgage in Kirkland...
My median score is 745 and im looking to buy my first home!
According to your median score Your credit should be excellent so from that point of view you shouldn't have any problem to qualify for a mortgage.There are a quite a few options available for conventional loans with down payment as low as 3%.I am a local lender in Kirkland and ready to help you. My...
620 middle credit score, need a loan in WA?
Most lenders require at least 640 middle credit score for conventional loans however under FHA programs you may qualify with credit credit scores as low as 560.Please contact me at 425-351-5363 Dali , WAFIRST Mortgage;
Anyone offering a 5% Jumbo loan in WA?
I am not sure If you are asking about 5% down payment or 5% Interest Rate.But answer would be YES for down payment. As far as rates go we offer much lower rates than 5% on Jumbo loan.Call for details. 425-351-5363 Dali

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