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Daniel Grimberg's Answers

low credit score
Hello sunkist, even though you may have low credit scores due to a delinquency on a school loan, it is very likely that you will still qualify for a loan. There are many good options available to you such as an FHA loan with which customers can apply even with credit scores in the 500s. Allow me to discuss...
mi casa esta en forlclouser sin fecha pero tiene equity de 50 or ciento mi hijo la puede comprar para el ?
Es posible que si pero hay que actuar pronto. Solicitele a su hija que se comunique conmigo para conseguir la financiacion necesaria. Daniel Grimberg, Presidente, Alicanto Financial Services, Tel. 305-705-9100.
How long after a foreclosure do I have to wait to get a loan?
Hello Joescabs, I am a broker and I work with lenders who can work with you right after a foreclosure. Please call my office to discuss how we can help you with the financing you need. 305-705-9100.

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