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My name is Daniel L'Altrella. I have live in Connecticut for all of my life. I grew up in Stratford and I graduated college in Connecticut. My family has taught me the values I live by on a daily bases. My dad has always taught me to work harder than anyone at anything I do. The reason for this is because being average is like being like everyone else. To get to the top you have to work harder and always be honest to yourself and others. My mom has given me the knowledge to excel in my business of trade. She is a top producing broker who has been in the business over a decade.

As a Mortgage Planner, I focus on a few essential issues related to integrating a client's mortgage debt and home equity strategy into their overall wealth creation plan: The overall financial being of the client and Interest Rate Analysis, Cash Flow and Debt Analysis, Real Estate Equity Management, Real Estate Investment Planning, and Mortgage & Real Estate Taxation Concepts. I look at a mortgage totally different then most people in my business. I consider a mortgage as a financial instrument that must be tied into my clients' long and short term personal financial plan, allowing them to create a debt strategy that helps in building long term wealth creation for them and their families. I also understand that every person is different and has different situation.

To execute our wealth creation plan for my clients and others, my family and I founded L'Altrella Lending Group, LLC. We are located in Huntington Connecticut. We are a family owned business who prides ourselves on being a face to face company who goal is to get to know our client as much as possible so we can better their lives financially. We are a 100% referral company who has gained our great reputation by servicing all our clients' day in and day out. That is why our slogan is We're Not Just Your Broker, We're Your Neighbor.

L'Altrella Lending Group currently works with more than 20 of the top banks in america. With all the changes in mortgage industry and the tightening of all the banks guidelines, people should now only seek out true professionals in this business. People should now look for experienced mortgage brokers and someone who understands the new mortgage business. We at L'Altrella Lending Group stay up to date with everything this business has to offer to our clients.

I love working with first time home buyers because of the big smiles they always have on their face throughout the whole transaction. First time home buyers are a joy to work with and I can relate to them because of my age. Just a few years ago I was was one myself. First time home buyers always seem to bring excitment to the table. My target is anyone I can better as a whole. I am also looking to network with any local attorney's, real estate professionals and builders. I work harder than anyone in the business and my company is here to stay

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