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Dave Pressel's Answers

Short Sale approval vs names on contract
You would most probably need to get a rider / addendum to the short sale contract and approval, as the current short sale holder is under the presumption that the one person (and only that one person) was on the approval / contractHow long it should take obviously varies -- some banks take months for the...
If I refinance through the same lender with HARP, can I keep my current LPMI?
The problem is that the majority of investors who participate in doing HARP loans (whether Fannie or Freddie) do not allow for LPMI loans. What may be a better alternative would be do a regular refi and pay the monthly mortgage insurance premium if you are at a 95% LTV or less -- just really depends on what...
LTV 132% need a lender!
Lisa,I can help you on thisDave
If I roll up my closing costs in the loan, will I end up paying interest on those fees?
Interest is paid on all borrowed funds (included your closing costs if rolled into the loan)Dave PresselWest Town Savings Bank732-348-5397
Like to purchase a $800K rental SFH with $300K down and $500K loan
You should qualify for that no problem based on the figures you provided. However, with $2K per month rental income you will most probably be upside down regarding income coming in vs payment going out. Are you getting this house at less than what it's worth?Dave PresselCell: 908-208-2036
Can I qualify for a HARP refinance if I underwent a bankruptcy last year?
I do not believe so -- you need to be a few years removed for a bankruptcy (and that is from it being DISCHARGED, not FILED)DP
Can I get a mortgage with a settlement form a bar fight against me?
It is irrelevant whether it shows up / does not show up. On the mortgage application, Section VII -- the first question is "are there any outstanding judgments against you?" If you answer no when you know the answer is yes, then that is fraud and you risk going to jail. It is just my opinion, but buying a...
need to get a home equity loan , the house is paid for .but my credit is bad and i need the money right away ,what can i do?
It depends on how "bad" your credit is. If you want, call me at the office and I can go over your optionsDave Pressel732-348-5397
if you sell your home after having a harp refi can you get a new mortgage if you decide to buy another home?
A HARP Refi only applies to your current home -- it does not prevent you from getting a new mortgage now or in the future as long as you make your payments on time and financially show the capability of qualifying for the new loan. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 908-208-2036Dave...

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