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Avelloe Mortgage (pronounced ah-vell-oh) is a full service independant mortgage broker licensed by the State of Oregon and the Federal Government - serving the greater Oregon community. Avelloe was founded by David Feathers, a mortgage professional since 1988, on the principals of effective communication, education, and a "do the right thing no matter the cost" attitude. As a truly independant mortgage broker Avelloe has access to multiple funding sources, not just one underwriting platform. It is critically important to EDUCATE people in these times that not all banks have the same guidelines. Many times clients come to us believing that they cannot qualify for a mortgage when in fact they can, they just don't know where to go. This is where Avelloe comes in - with 23 years of relationships built with multiple banks, mortgage bankers and private funding sources, we can tell you up-front whether you qualify for a mortgage, and know where you qualify. Whether it be a Portfolio, Conventional, USDA, FHA, VA, Jumbo or Private Money source; let Avelloe's relationships work for you. We also work with people for as long as it takes to insure that they will qualify in the future if they cannot qualify now.

Great broker, better person!
I was a client with Dave 2 plus years ago. He was instrumental to getting me into my current home, and I cannot say enough to compliment the man as a true professional! As a first time home buyer who went through the doubting & reluctance phases, I found Dave to be an honest, educating, and non-pressuring 'breath of fresh air.' I had gone to other brokers, where I was offered coffee by assistants in lavish downtown offices and 'advised' to sign/lock in low rates with them. When I thankfully shopped around and found Dave, I was pleasantly surprised to find APRs drastically lower than the other brokers I had visisted. Moreover, Dave took the time to sit with me, go over my credit report, give me handouts on the current realty forecasts/statistics on the house in the community I was interested in, and he gave me a thorough education on mortgage rates, APRs, lenders, FHA loans, and general financing. Dave was geniuane in his interest for my family and needs. He's subsequently followed up with me years later as rates have trended down, and has advised me, not to his benefit, but to mine. Dave is someone who can be trusted to secure a (low) fair rate along with education, attention to detail, and caring follow-up. Supposedly, the ability to get a loan done quickly is somewhat difficult, but I never had to experience that as Dave assured and delivered acceptance in a couple weeks rather than a couple months. I cannot thank Dave enough for saving me THOUSANDS of dollars, and he is the first & only person I will turn to & recommend to others in the future!
By garygl_333_899 on February 2, 2012

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