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I'm a Senior Loan Consultant and Assistant Vice President with Progressive Lending Solutions and have been in the financial services industry since 2005. I have had extensive training in Mortgage Financing, Insurance, Investments, Sales and Management, as well as interviewing and Training. I currently hold a State Mortgage Originators License in both MN and WI in accordance with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS).

I offer FREE financial advice and consultations for any individual needing assistance. I always strive to ensure that my clients have the necessary information they need to make an informed decision about purchasing a mortgage product. I strongly feel that communication, honesty and the level of service one can provide is the foundation for any successful business.

My goals are to continue to grow both on an individual level in my knowledge of the financial industry and business in general. I feel the more informed I am of both my industry as well as others, the greater value and support I can offer my clients. I always enjoy connecting with new people and continuing to develop a strong network of business relationships in various industries.

I strive to give every moment of every day my best, so that I can succeed in not only achieving my goals, but more importantly, help others to reach theirs!

Specialties: I can help with all of your financing needs, such as: Purchasing or building a new home; remodeling or adding on to an existing home; refinancing a higher interest 1st or 2nd mortgage; consolidating current debts into a low interest loan; getting a fixed mortgage to eliminate an ARM and much more! We can do it all and with the INDUSTRY'S LOWEST WHOLESALE RATES! The finest compliment I can ever receive is a referral from people I know!

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