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At NEO, we empower you with financial literacy and help guide your journey to financial freedom.


We believe that the client should be equipped with all of the financial knowledge and education necessary to make the best decision for their family, regarding the largest financial transaction in their lives. We believe in supporting each family through the process with grace and excitement, allowing them to fully enjoy the home buying experience. And we believe that because we give our clients the largest debt they will have in their lives, that we have the fiduciary responsibility to help them professionally manage that debt and continue to help them grow their wealth over time, through the acquisition of real estate and our management of their debt.


We treat clients, business partners, employees, and our community so well that they can't wait to share their positive experiences. Regardless of how arduous the mortgage process is today, or how it evolves in the future, our clients will need leadership, relationships, and creative guidance when they make their biggest financial decisions.


We want your experience with us to long outlast your current mortgage. We want to provide you with an unparalleled advisory and service relationship that stays with you and your family for life.

"Changing the Mortgage industry, one family at a time."

NEO Home Loans is an Equal Housing Lender. NEO Home Loans is powered by Celebrity Home Loans NMLS ID 227765.

Owning a home can be puzzling. It can be a resource or it can be draining. It provides a feeling of safety and consistency yet it can also be a source of stress.

Most homeowners view their homes as an investment. Home remains the biggest financial asset for the typical American homeowner, who has roughly 50 percent of their wealth tied up there. In the best of circumstances, their home fulfills dreams, helping to pay for college, fund retirement investments, even buy a vacation property. In the worst of circumstances, a home becomes a financial trap, draining resources and requiring hard decisions about whether to stick it out or move on.

People have a clear goal of becoming a homeowner, and once that happens, what is the plan for Day 2 through 50+ years later? The question you will inevitably continue to ask is “Am I doing everything right and what am I not doing that I should be doing?”

Who is helping you plan for the future and watching over what is often times your largest asset (your home) and your largest debt (your mortgage)?

Most people think that once they have bought the home and obtained the mortgage, that everything is up to them to manage, moving forward.

We fundamentally disagree with this premise and we are challenging this with the “The Art of Homeownership.”

Reach out today to learn more about how we're changing the definition of what it means to be a "mortgage professional" one family at a time!

 I was born and raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota right by Como Park and currently live in Oakdale, MN with my wife Ashley and our two Siberian Huskies, Thor & Loki.

I often run our dogs through our nearby trails to burn up some of that “husky energy,” that never seems to wane.

We both enjoy spending time with family and friends playing cards, going to concerts and golfing. Most nights are spent relaxing on our patio, going to the Drive-In Theater with our pups, reading, or watching a show on Netflix.

It takes energy to keep up in this fast-paced industry, so we both frequent the gym and strive to eat right for optimum health.

We also spend several hours each month on weekends and evenings doing volunteer educational work with families.

I know when it comes to home loans it can seem overwhelming for many, but I take pride in making things as simple as possible for you.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your financial goals!

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