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Born and raised in South Florida, I have spent over 14 years helping families realize the dream of home ownership. I graduated from Florida State University in 1991 with a Masters Degree in Accounting and Finance. I live in Plantation, Florida with my wife and three children.

As a mortgage professional, I treat each client as an individual, not a number. Rest assured, your unique situation will not be placed into a loan formula created by the banking industry. Rather, I will consult with you to create a "common sense" approach to help obtain the best loan possible. I do not represent just one lender, but a wide array of funding solutions.

Purchasing a home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make. Why not select a mortgage professional that represents your interest and not just the banks.

Weren't mortgage rates supposed to be at 6% by now? Remember all the discussion a year ago about how there was no way mortgage rates could stay low with all of the talk about QE2 ending, eventual inflation, oil prices,...

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