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Ray Stevens's Answers

I need a refinance lender who accepts stated income in VA
Fannie and Freddie no longer accept this documentation type. You will need to find a private lender to get this done.Why do you need stated income? Sometimes there is a way.Sincerely,Ray R. StevensGSF Mortgage CorporationBranch ManagerBranch NMLS #1122003 NMLS #177825Office: ...
Is there a lender out there that does va irrrl without appraisal?
GSF Mortgage has the no appraisal VA Streamline. Give me a call.A Personal Introduction:I am a branch manager for GSF Mortgage Corp and have 15 year's experience in the business. I am licensed in New Jersey, Virginia and Florida. I operate out of Cape Coral, Florida. I am also a top-rated and...
For FHA underwriting purposes, what is he difference between a condo and a townhouse?
Yes. A condo usually has to be on FHA's approved condo list. There are new changes coming through soon that may relax some of those underwriting requirements. Condo questionnaires have to be completed by the management association. There cannot be an excessive amount of units being rented out. There has...

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