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Don Maher's Answers

cash out refinance on inherited property
Hi:There are a few portfolio lenders that will entertain this. What state are you in.Don
Non-warrantable condo financing in CA
HiFor owner occupied purchases, we can go to 80% loan to value up to 600k. You can refer to the link below regarding my January blog regarding NW condo financing, or call me at (800) 736-0565.
Can I get a 100% mortgage with a 590 credit score?
You can get a 96.5% loan with a 590 score....FHA
Reserves vs. credit scores for jumbo mortgage
With so many bargains on the market, people are finding themselves moving up. Sometimes this means getting a loan over the maximum Fannie Mae limit of $729,750 for most Southern California counties. So what are your options when you get into the "non conforming" loan amounts.? Well there...
I see an article on this site that says today rates hit lowest in a year. Is that correct?
Rates are at lows of the year.Lock if closing in the next 12 days.Float if over 12 days but cautiously.This is a great site to track MBS prices and get rate commentary LuckDon
Would I qualify for a homepath loan?
Many other expenses are incurred when buying a home. Property taxes, insurance, moving expenses, utilities, etc. I would build up some reserves and get your credit score up a bit before buying. You are going to get hit hard by FHA adjustments for having a score under 620, and mortgage insurance has gone...
Type a question here to get startedType the details of your question here WILL I HAVE TO CLEAR UP MY CREDIT BEFORE I COULD BE APPROVE/AND HOW SOON COULD I GET APPROVE
Jacksoncan you be more specific about your credit? List whats wrong with it, like jusgements, foreclosures, short sales, etc
Need money to pay off bare land loan
Prepare for an LTV under 50% and call any hard money lender in your area
Is it common practice for a borrower to deposit a large cash amount in the lenders bank account for up to 30 days to "verify assets" while the loan is being processed?
Chances are rates are better now than when you applied a month ago.Cancel your loan, report them to the appropriate agency, and get a referral to a reputable lender.
Is there an alternative to providing a mortgage lender with 2 years of W2 forms?
Ask your lender about a VOE (verification of employment ) form. You may be able to get by on that.
Middle FICO score of 744, what kind of rate for a home refinance on mortgage?
ClancyIt sounds like you are well qualified, but in order to get an accurate quote, you would need to provide a credit score, as well as what type of property you have( sfr, condo, duplex) Fannie Mae has a loan limit price adjustment once you exceed 75% ltv on condos, so it is important to know. Also would...
Are there really any no cost refinances available?
You need to review a total cost analysis comparing no cost loans vs. loans with 3rd party fees. Here is a sample of one that I provide for my clients. Feel free call for a free personalized analysis. Don Maher (800) 736-0565
Want to refi but don't qualify for HARP & don't have 80% LTV
What was the date you closed your purchase
How much does a "cash-out" effect your refinance rate?
SpenceIt varies depending on they type of loan ie: FNMA, FHA, Portfolio, as well as other factors like credit score and LTV. Most of the time we build the fee in to the rate. You need to have an analysis done for you similar to the one on this link Call with...
Can I buy a $200,000 house?
3 years from short sale date before you can apply
My Hoa in under litigation. Are there any lenders that refinance a Condo ?
Yes. www.HoaLitigationCondoLoans.com20% equity required for owner occupants

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