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Drew Edwards's Answers

If i bought a house 2 years ago with 20% down, can i refinance to pull out cash or a 2nd mortgage?
After the 1st 6 months past the purchase, the amount you can borrow will be based on 80-85% of the current appraised value.dedwards@farmersbankvamortgage.comwww.virginiacarolinahomeloans.comNMLS#116569
is there a max allowable amount for down payment cash gifts?
No, you can receive a gift for any amount, but who you receive the gift from makes a difference depending on the type of
Not sure what to do - pre-approval revoked
You can contact me and I will be glad to review everything with you to get to the bottom of this. Such a small purchase with your income wouldn't normally be an
I refinanced my mortgage 3months ago can i refinance again
I am in Virgina. If you need help you can email or call me. Drew Edwards757 653
for debt to income ratio, is the gross amount or net salary get counted? Is child support included as income?
Gross income and Child support is used if it will continue 3 plus years and has been received reguarly for at least the previous 6 months

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