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Money reverse

You have 62 years or older and live in your House?

Cancels your current mortgage and live your House without reverting to make a monthly mortgage payment.

You must have ownership of your House
Both spouses be married must be 62 years or older
You may be under the protection of the bankruptcy law or in process of implementation
It does not take into consideration your income, debts and arrears in payments
You can now receive money from the equity in your property
If your property does not have a mortgage, you can play more money
You still be responsible for the Hazard insurance, the CRIM and the maintenance of the property
The House remains yours and her you can leave a legacy
Also her you can sell at any time
If you don't have a House, you could buy one


Fixed rate for the life of the loan take advantage of low interest rates!

To buy or refinance
Simple and fast processing
Easy qualification
Does not require mortgage insurance
Up to a maximum of $417,000.00 **

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Money goes

Why we appreciate everything you have done for us, thanks!

100% financing to buy or refinance
Personalized service to any part of the island
Fixed interest for the term of the loan
Mortgage more affordable
Widow (or) can qualify
We handle your certificate of eligibility

Who can apply for a loan is going?

Veterans of the armed forces of the United States.UU.
His widow (o)
Eligible member of the national guard or reserve
Residents of Puerto Rico

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Invests and grows with loans of up to $10,000,000 this is the time to do so!

To buy or refinance
Up to 100% financing
Flexible repayment
Fixed interest
For inventory, amplifications or opening new branches

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Money construction

Buy your terrain and built everything in a single loan to your liking and as would like to!

Up to 100% of the purchasing cost **
A single loan
You save on closing costs
You guide from the purchase of the land to the requirements for a construction
Apply if you already have the ground, has or does not have debt
Ideal to build houses clipart or second plants

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Money FHA

To buy on less... and to refinance you spare more!

Until a 96.50% to buy
Until a 97.75% to refinance without excess
Up to 85% for rollovers with surplus
It applies to principal residence with up to 4 units of housing
Mortgage more affordable **
Up to a maximum of $385,250.00

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The alternative that gives you more than any other to refinance here there is more money!

Up to 90% the value of the property without mortgage insurance up to $417,000.00
It consolidates all your debts into a single monthly payment under
Take advantage of to make improvements, repairs or extensions
It covers your children's education

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JUMBO money

For those who need most at the time of purchase or refinance how well!

For loans from $417,000 up to $1,000,000
Up to 95% LTV for purchase and refinance without excess **
For purchase of principal residence, second property and/or investment
Simple and fast processing

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Perfect for the purchase of property of new construction or existing alternative to moving!

One mortgage, a single monthly payment
Fixed rate for the life of the mortgage
Without collateral additional
Only 3% of soon **

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Money 203 K

Money to buy and make repairs in a single loan what savings!

Until a 96.5% of the selling price, more improvements **
A single transaction, a fixed payment
It applies to rollovers
Up to a maximum of $385,250.00 **
Ideal for buy and revitalize foreclosure properties

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The perfect alternative to properties or non-eligible clients for loans insured by the federal Government can!

To buy or refinance
Spreadsheets are not required to qualify
Mayoyr flexibility
Up to 89% without private mortgage insurance
Eligible condominiums not approved by HUD
Up to $1,000,000.00

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RURAL money

Mortgage loan to buy your home without money Yes her can have!

Guaranteed by the federal Government of the United States.UU.
100% of the value of the property or appraisal
It gives you of the closing costs
Eligible rural areas
You don't need to buy soon

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