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Funding International provides competitive results for real estate investors, developers, and owner-occupants. Given our extensive experience, we offer direct expertise for each situation and transaction, whether you are buying a personal home or you have commercial project needs, such as financing existing properties, construction, development, or community redevelopment. We are uniquely backed by dedicated asset management solutions designed to advance effectiveness for real estate experts. As a stable provider of credit and banking solutions for the real estate industry for more than 15 years, we work directly with you, attending to pressing and potential capital necessities. Our satisfied clients include many of the pinnacle real estate developers and investors in the country.

We offer:

100% Financing with no credit requirement (1-4 family)

Up to 90% stated income/ stated assets (Commercial & Residential)

100% private money (Commercial & Residential)

Lease back options for homeowners in distress

Down payment assistance

Earnest Money assistance

POF & VOD services

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