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Hugh Duckett's Answers

Refinance With No Closing Costs?
Your lender should be able to offer a lender credit for much of the closing costs. If the total costs is 3% of the loan amount. The lender has a way to using a lender credit to cover at least 2% of the costs. You would be responsible for 1%.
Conventional To this possible?
Mandy238,SunTrust allows your husband to apart of the new refinance and he can use his VA entitlement. This would give you a lower rate with no mortage insurance. Call me at 800-735-0525x6304. I am the Mid Atlantic sales manager for SunTrust.Thanks
VA Refinance Question
No special requirements are needed; however you may complete a loan with SunTrust without any income or asset verification. We also do not require an appraisal for VA refis. Please contact me at 410-429-6304 or 202-494-5984. Duante Duckett, Mid Atlantic Sales Manager SunTrust Mortgage.
1 year worth of w-2
Mylisali did you look into doing an FHA loan. The mortgage insurance is cheaper with less money down. I also can do the loan with 1 yr worth of W2s. Call me 1800-735-0525 x 6304H. Duante DuckettSr. Loan Officer
7-1 year ARM
Yes, you have made a good decision. Many persons are afraid of ARMs, but they are a great product for a person in your situation. If you know of anyone who would like the same type of deal you received, ask them to give me a call. Duante Duckett - 800-735-0525 x 6304
Looking for a lender with the best rates..any suggestions???
SunTrust can beat any rate and has the better service than Wells Fargo. All of our processing is done in house. That really makes a difference when you in the loan process. Call me 800-735-0525 x 6304. H. Duante Duckett - Sales Manager
Should I refinance?
You can get a FHA loan at 3.250% with 0 closing costs. It would be worth refinancing to save the money. Although you plan on moving in 2 years, we all know that plans often change. Take advantage of the low rates. Call me 443-306-6131, I can quote you a payment.
are these relevant lender questions
You need to get a different lender. Give me a call 443-306-6131
Looking for a home loan for a 4-plex
I can help you with that. Let's get it done

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