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Dustin Campana's Answers

Can one of you nice professionals explain the requirements for a streamline fha refinance?
Joe- there are 2 types of streamline refinances within FHA. One is credit Qualifying and the othewr is Non-credit qualifying. there are optiosn to not have an approsail be required as well.Contact me if you would like more information.
Do yoy offer harp2 refiancing
There are many variables to the HARP financing. Depending on the last refinance or when you closed your mortgage loan can be the first deciding factor of the HARP financing. The pricing on these loans is not as low as what you will see posted online, nor on the banking web pages. Even if you are under water by...
How long do I have to wait before I can refinance a FHA Streamline 203k loan?
Hi there,Yes you need to make 6 months of payments in order to qualify for an FHA Streamline. Here are the exacts requirements:At the time of the application the borrower must have made at least 6 months payments on the existing FHA loan being refinanced and at least six full months have passed since the...

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