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Edgar DeJesus's Answers

Judgement on credit report
I can't speak for your bank, as a mortgage broker my lenders would be fine providing you show proof the Judgement has been paid. Of course everything else on your credit report must be in good standing. For more information visit our website
If I want to purchase a second home in another state, do I need to consult a lender from that particular state?
Absolutely not, however I recommend you make sure the mortgage professional you consider using is individually licensed. What state are you considering purchasing a home in? For more information feel free to visit us at
Looking to refinance but according to zillow our house is not worth what we owe loan not backed by frannie/Freddy help?
In my experience I have found Zillow to be conservative in the way they value properties. With regards to your property not being backed by Fannie or Freddie, you can look into an FHA refinance however only the mortgage professional you decide to work with can tell you if doing so will be beneficial....
OK Mortgage Ins. I pay now $108.00 per mt. I want to refinance and i was told i'd have to pay the
Depending on who owns your mortgage you might be able to qualify for a Harp refinance. Our free home loan report will outline for you whether or not you can qualify as well as the short and long term benefits. I'm available for you. My phone number is (813) 299-8962. Feel free to visit our website www...
Can you use projected rental income as additional income when buying an owner occupied multifamily with an FHA mortgage?
You'll will be required to show proof of prior rental experience. For more information feel free to visit our website

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