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Ellen Adams's Answers

Do I qualify for a new home?
I agree, you need to apply for credit like a secured credit card. This is where you put up a specific amount of money & they give you a visa card against that exact amount of money, this is only until you establish some credit scores and can qualify. Orchard bank on line has this program and some credit...
Is consolidation a must right now?
At first I thought yes, yes, yes. Then when I did the calculation for you. Your blended rate is 4.854% which isn't that bad. consider the fees associated with refinancing. and yes, you will be in the Jumbo market, any loan over 417,000.00 has a higher interest rate. Have you thought of a Reverse mortgage? ...
Are subordination agreements required on second lien mortgages when refinancing the first lien only?
Yes they are. when your first lien pays off and goes away the 2nd lien moves in 1st place. your new 1st would have to go into 2nd & there is NO lender out there that will agree to go into 2nd unless it is a true 2nd or Heloc. so with that said, the Subordination agreement, you are getting permission from your...

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