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Eric Sacco's Answers

My girlfriend and I are only 25..Is it a good time to buy?
Yes you can with a co signer and you will need one for sure. You are also ok with the tax credit as it has been extended untill April. Feel free to call me at 858-625-8526Thanks! Eric
Divorce refi or sale?
Hi Pamela, Mobile homes are tricky to finance since the homes can be towed away. You really need to talk to a realtor in your area to get a good idea on if it is better to sell the whole unit with the home on it or if it is better to sparate. Do you have a loan on it now? Is the home permanently attached to the lot? You...
Looking for a VA loan. Moving from Alaska to CA
Would love to help you!!! As a broker for over 25 years we have very little overhead and will have most likely the best rates you will find! Feel free to call me at 619-890-2558 Eric, Avalon Mortgage Co.

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