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Eric Vander Werff's Answers

Do you have any serious direct lender to get cash out refinancing loan at 5%, that don't require upfront fee?
I agree with Joe 100% - there should never be upfront fees in the $2000-5000 on a residential mortgage. I have seen this done with commercial properties but never on a standard residential mortgage loan.
I live in China and I'd like to buy my first home in Oregon.
I believe most lenders will consider this a 2nd home. The good news is - 10% down will get you into the home for conventional financing. Most lenders will give you similar terms as owner occupied financing so I would apply right away with a trusted lender with excellent reviews. Good luck!
Where can I find a lender in Idaho Falls, ID who can refinance a manufactured home?
Hi, if you haven't found an Idaho lender yet who can do this, please contact me through my profile.
If i upgraded to a higher paying job at a different company 1 1/2 years ago will it affect getting a home loan?
Sounds like you are ok to apply right now if you are in the same line of work and making more money. Good luck!
I noticed interest rates went up slightly today. Do you think this could happen again tomorrow because the Fed doesn't meet until Wednesday? Thanks
Hi, our rates didn't go up today as the MBS market was flat overall. Wednesday is the day everyone is looking at this week and we've seen those meetings go wildly in either direction depending on the news. It's anyone's guess at this point.
is there any way to remove pmi from fha loan with down payment below 20%?
Hi there, June 3 , 2013 is the cutoff date for FHA casefiles where mortgage insurance became permanent for the life of the loan. Prior to that date, the minimum was 60 months before the monthly mortgage insurance could be dropped. I would recommend looking into refinance options vs. your current...
Can I qualify?
I think you have a good chance at qualifying - you will need to have a loan officer run a new credit report with all three scores and then give you a maximum amount you can borrow. The other factors in qualifying are your down payment, liquid cash reserves (savings after closing), time on job, previous job...

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