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Erik Kinsley's Answers

Is there a mortgage closing cost breakdown? Are all closing costs universal?
Closing Costs differ from lender to lender. Call me for a free basic analysis and I will let you know if you are paying too much! Should take 5 mins. (951) 970-5034
What is the best down payment assistance program in CA? I don't have any savings but want to buy.
One of the best programs in CA is the FHA Sapphire using the NHF Grant program. It allows for a No Down Payment out of pocket option. Call me for more details Erik Kinsley (951) 970-5034, or visit
Lender Recall Loan After Sold
Call your current mortgage servicer to make them aware. If they concur that they do not need this inspection, then you need to file a complaint with the NMLS and do as FEMA says and file a fraud case against the originating broker. Threatening to call your loan due an payable for performance when in fact it...

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