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Mortgage After Short Sale
We're enlightened on your short comings in business over the years. It's never advisable doing cooperative business with investors who cannot stand for their rights. We are ready to help. Contact us:
Need assistance refinancing but have Lender paid PMI
This is for you Melissa. Refinancing is not a major problem but considering your current situation and your husband's credit status, repayment would be a major factor to consider. You and your husband would be doing a joint application for refinance if we could help.Contact us for more info;...
Home loan after deed in lieu
Thank you Janell,We are an FHA-approved lender and we can provide the opportunity you require. 3years is a long time and we can guarantee your safety and success to help avoid the misfortune if "big bank" takes on your investments.Contact us:
Home loans and defaulted student loans
Our company could be of assistance to you.. Student loans do not prevent you from acquiring Home loans provided you're sure about repayments.

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