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My business experience came from growing up in a family owned marine company. While still being a part of it, I branched out and became a secretary in the 90's. Then advanced to mortgage loan processing, closing and credit analyzing offering a financial background. In turn, an escrow officer for many large title companies. Then my sole position was a satellite office launcher for fee attorneys, where I went out to empty offices and fully set them up for closing business. I trained in Real estate law educating me in court processes for property assessments during probate, economic stress or forfeitures.

After my father passed away, I started my own company, FLIP IN INC dba FLIP OUT, combining my passion and experiences that I obtained through my many years of business Involvement.

Doing Business as FLIP-OUT - one project at a time. Buying in low risk, improving and selling for a profit margin which in turn assist market values to rise. Bringing better business, green living and a happier world to live in.

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