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Which all Sarees to Keep in a Wedding Trousseau

Every Indian girl can relate to draping her mother's dupatta as a saree during her childhood. As she grows up, so does her love for the sarees and when she is about to get married, the love for saree elevates like anything. The colour and fabric variety in this 9-yard piece of cloth is immense and if you ask a girl, she wants them all in her wardrobe. To cut your confusion into short, we have picked up a few of the best types of sarees that one must add to her trousseau.

1. Gharchola Saree
Gharchola sarees are more famous amid the Rajasthani and Gujurati women. If we split Gharchola into two words it says "Ghar" meaning home and "Chola" meaning wedding attire. Women wear this type of saree typically on the first day at her in-laws' home after her marriage. Gharchola sarees have a different grid-like pattern created with broad stripes (zari stripes) and it looks very pretty in bright colours.

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2. Gotta Patti Saree
Originated from Rajasthan, Gotta Patti sarees are created by tie and dye process. Dying is done in a manner that makes a wave-like pattern. These are lightweight saree and can be worn to any casual occasion without any thought.

3. Kanjeevaram Silk Saree
Kanjeevaram sarees are the specialty of a city named Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. These are one of the most sought after and adored type of saree. They are made in mulberry silk and woven beautifully with a combination of temple borders and stripes. The pallu of Kanjeevaram saree is quite distinct and heavy as compared to other silk saree. It is a timeless piece of cloth. Most of the female film stars who wear shiny saree, wear the Kanjeevaram Silk saree only.

4. Satin Saree
For women who wish to flaunt their curves, Satin sarees are the best option. Not only does its fabric give extra sheen, but it also drapes very nicely highlighting the curves. Satin sarees look marvelous in pastel colours and refreshing in floral prints. There are thousands of colours available in this style and it is perfect for any small get together or dinner dates!

5. Chanderi
Chanderi is originated from Madhya Pradesh and it is one of the most economical sarees. The fabric of Chanderi is very easy to handle and looks very decent when one wears it. They have a variety from simple borders in Chanderi or Zari booti saree. The pallu of Chanderi saree is also very beautiful.

6. Banarasi
Every bride wants a Banarasi saree in her trousseau. Banarasi saree is originated from the land of Banaras and some with the stunning work of zari and brocade. They are inspired by the Mughal designs and look very royal when worn. We highly suggest you buy a purple Banarasi saree, despite whatever your skin tone is, it will suit you!!

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