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Franco Manueli's Answers

V.A. loan with charge off on credit report
We are a broker in Las Vegas, you can contact us at 702-420-2250 anytime.
Which is better, a cash-out refinance or a second mortgage?
We would have to run scenario's for both options to see which is less of a monthly cost overall, in addition to the cost of each type of loan. Then we can compare them and find the best option for you. My office is located in Las Vegas near the 215 and Eastern Avenue. We have been in business for over 26...
Can I qualify for an FHA loan, how strict are the requirements?
Yes, we have both FHA and Conventional financing available after a short sale. You can call me at 702-420-2250 for details. Franco - Branch Manager
I filed a chap13 bankruptcy and had a short sale on my home how long after the chap13 is over to I have to wait for a VA loand
VA requires (2) years from the transfer date (sale date on public record) of the home that was involved in the short sale. Fell free to contact me at 702-420-2250 to get you started.

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