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Fred Glick's Answers

Should I refinance into a conventional loan or get a streamline FHA refinance?
I'm not sure either and I have been in the mortgage business for over 30 years.I am very familiar with Malvern and can find out what your value is and then help you with the loan.Call me at 215 238 9400Fred GlickNMLS #133975U S Loans Mortgage
What is a transfer tax on closing fees?
Your lender is an idiot. Transfer tax is only for purchases in PA. Find a good mortgage broker instead!
what would be the lowest rate with a fico of 667
You may be able to qualify for a very low rate depending on your loan to value, etc. Call 2675144630 x201Fred Glick NMLS #133975
i am going through a divorce and i need to get the husbands name off the deed. credit is less than perfect. what are my options?
I would have to see the entire picture, but there are ways to do loans where there are credit issues. you can call me at 215 238 9400.Fred
Will interest rates go even lower tomorrow or should I lock now
If anyone knew the answer to that question, they would be a billionaire 5 times over.Rates move all day long based on what happens that moment. There are no delays.Get comfortable with the payment and lock it in when you are. No one gets the bottom by trying, only by luck.
will VA pay for my closing costs?
It is not that VA pays closing costs, the seller can pay it. Your real estate agent can negotiate that for you.If you have questions, contact me at 215 239 9400 Fred Glick, NMLS #133975
What's the max i can get financed with fha in the berwick area?
$271,050 is the max for a single family. Call me at 215.238.9400 to go over details.Fred GlickNMLS #133975U S Loans Mortgage, Inc.
will i get prequalified for a mortgage $200 - $300k with my income?
I am happy to help you. Please either call me at 215 238 9400 or go to and fill in your info.Fred GlickNMLS #133975U S Loans Mortgage, Inc
Should I refinance my FHA loan again?
If the numbers make sense and you're staying there awhile, then go for it! Show around a little for the best deal though.
I am listed on my daughters mortgage as a co-signer. I am looking into purchasing a fixer-upper. What are my options. Do I need to put the other home solely in her name?
It all depends on qualifying ratios and what you are trying to do. You need to talk to a mortgage broker that will ask you all the pertinent questions to see what you can do.I am happy to help as I am licensed in CA to do mortgages. NMLS #133975 CalBRE#01507615Fred Glick310 741 7179
Loan Application Mistakes or Possible Fraud?
Call the PA state banking department if they frauded you. It is a criminal act.
What if i want to sell my USDA rural home.
you can sell and pay off the mortgage with no penalty.
I have a fico score of 667 what rate would I qualify for?
A good one! Call me at 2675144630 and I can go over details.
How to find the best agent to see our home.
no, no, no, no, no!!!!!!! see what we do. ALL commissions are negotiable.

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