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Garth Cook's Answers

Is it hard to get approved?
Does not sound right to me. You can call our New Orleans office at 504 339 5626 or Baton Rouge at 225 300 8895.
If I own two properties, is it advisable to consolidate the debt?
It depends. You get a better interest rate on owner occupied properties. Can save money with one closing. It would depend on the amount of equity in the properties currently and the current interest rates. Call 225 300 8895 and ask for Garth if you have questions.
Is a cash out refinance better than a 203k loan for small renovations?
As far as better, it depends. On an FHA 203k you may get the benefit of a higher appraisal because the appraised value is based on the work being completed. However, on a 203k you would have mortgage insurance which is costly. Depending on how small of a renovation, what your current appraised value vs new...
is there a minimum credit score required to qualify for VA 100% financing
620 Credit Score. Call 225 300 8895 if you need help. Thanks, Garth
jumbo options that don't require 20% down?
How much is the purchase price?
How much is required to put down on an fha 203k?
3.5% of (the purchase price plus construction costs). I am local. Call 504 931 3086.
cannot be on mortgage because of credit - can i gift my wife funds for down payment?
Absolutely. Not a problem. Good be some variable depending on what type of loan. Call 225 300 8895 if you need some help. Good Luck!
fHA home loan down payment for first time buyers?
We have an FHA option with down payment assistance to allow you to come to closing with no $$. Call me at 225 300 8895 ext. 2.Thanks,Garth Cook

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