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Greg Caton's Answers

Is it easier to get approval for a mortgage loan by putting down more money?
It is not necessary, and if you can afford the monthly PMI it is always better to keep your money in the bank. I am a lender here in Midvale Utah and we always suggest to put down as little as possible and keep you hard earned money where you can access it easily.We are located in Union Park so feel free to call me...
I qualify for HARP 2.0 but my LTV is 130%, is that too high?
Give me a call as soon as you can, I can give you a free CMA on your home that will give you an estimated home value, and I have some other options for you. (801) 664-2393 or email me at,Greg CatonSecurity National Mortgage Midvale, Utah.
Reverse mortgage question
It all depends on if that is the home you want to live in for retirement. If it is then you should do a reverse mortgage, because it will finance your retirement and allow you to stay in the home with no payment on it other then taxes and insurance. Email or call me of you would like more information. gregory...
Can i get a jumbo loan with a 712 credit score?
Absolutely, would you like to fill out an application?Thanks,Greg Caton801-664-2393Gregory.caton@snmc.comSecurity National Mortgagewww.snmc.comgregcaton
do i qualify for usda based on info provided below
Give me a call or go to and lets get you a road map and information on where you are at and what you need to do to get to where you want to be.Thanks,Greg CatonSecurity National

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