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Gus Dahlgren's Answers

what is the penalty from withdrawing from a refinance after already committing to it?
If your within the 3 day rescission period the lender has to make you whole, meaning refund any fees charged to you during the loan process.? 226.23 Right of rescission.(a) Consumer's right to rescind. (1) In a credit transaction in which a security interest is or will be retained or acquired in a...
Can I co-borrow?
I can do it with a 620 mid score.
Can i streamline refinance my fha mortgage with a credit score under 600?
You might be able to find a lender somewhere out there, most lenders have a 640 minimum score on the streamline refinance. It might be faster and easier to do a few things and bring your scores up.
lack of credit
Sergei, my company is a corespondent lender with Stonegate Mortgage and I'm located and licensed in the state of MI. These are tougher loans and they typically take longer to close. There might be a way to get your scores up over 640 so I can do your loan in-house through my own company (Union...
What are the refinance options for a USDA mortgage?
USDA RD has a refinance pilot program. Existing Rural Development borrowers eligible for the pilot refinance program are not required to obtain new appraisals, property inspections or credit reports. The new interest rate for the refinance must be a fixed rate at least 1 percentage point below the...
203k loan
If your under 85% Loan To Value or have more than 15 % equity in the property you will be better off doing a FHA cash out refinance. These are allot faster and easier than the FHA 203k. I would only do the refinance if your lowering your interest rate. It doesn't make sense to refinance and pay all the...
do you need a downpayment
Not if you and the subject property qualify for the USDA RD loan. This program allows 100% financing! Cal me for details 517-489-2440
How do I qualify for an FHA mortgage. Do you offer thosa. Do I qualify? Thanks.
To qualify for an FHA loan you generally need to have a 640 credit score or higher in addition to to the income and employment requirements. The FHA loan is only available for Owner Occupied properties. If you would like to get pre approved go to And fill out a full loan application.
Only deceased spouse on mortgage, but bith on deed
Do you want to refinance the mortgage? This is not a problem if this is what your trying to do. We would just get a Verification of Mortgage from the current lender. This will reflect the pay history over the last 12 months. Please call me to discuss 517-489-2440
looking to buy a house and it has a cistern not a well , can we use an usda or fha 203k loan to finance house and put well in.
-You can include the cost of the well with a FHA 203K. We can't roll this expense into a USDA RD loan. For more information on these two programs feel free to call me. 517-489-2440
Is a letter of job verification enough to secure a VA loan? Or do you have to have pay stubs to get the loan? My last Active Duty
Are you Reserve? If so are you going back to the same job you left before you were deployed?
Can my husband quit claim our free and clear home to me after my Bankruptcy has been discharged?
If the property is in the state of MI you automatically have an ownership interest in the property the day you married your husband even though you were not originally on the title. This is due to Dower Rights in Michigan. You should talk to an attorney to be sure. What type of Bankruptcy did you file? I...
Only been employed in mi for 1 month. Left ca and job (34yrs). Who will give me a loan?
I would be happy to pre approve you for a mortgage. We will require 1 month of pay stubs from new job. You can fill out a online application at
Will the government extend the FHA insurance fee discounts that were initiated in 2009?
I think your referring to the discounted Up front Mortgage Insurance Premium "UFMIP" on loans originated prior to June 1st 2009. This discounted rate of .01% VS the current 1.75% is available to current FHA customer who would like to take advantage of the FHA Streamline Refinance. I...
HARP 2 LTV Penalty?
I'm a licensed Loan Consultant in East Lansing MI with Union National Mortgage. We offer the HARP 2.0 Refinance so give and I'll price it out for you.ThanksGus DahlgrenNMLS # 80625517-489-2440
HARP 2 Penalty for 2nd Mortgage?
There are adjustments for having a CLTV over 95% but the "adjustment" of 1.4% should already be covered in the rate their quoting you. Call me and I' quote you a rate. 517-489-2440Thanks Gus DahlgrenNMLS #80625
Is there any reasons why a seller would not want to accept a VA loan from a mortgage lender?
Larry is correct in what he said about the fees. There are some fees that cannot be paid by the Veteran and get passed along to the seller. I'm guessing this is why they don't wan't to participate with the VA loan. My company pays this fee for the Sellers so they would not have an excuse to...
Re-fi after chapter 7?
Good Morning,I will also need more details but it sounds like something we could possible get done if everything above is accurate. Since the mortgage hasn't obviously reported since you filled the BK we would need to get a 12 month VOM (verification of mortgage) to prove payments have been made...
I live in Indiana. What are a couple of VA home loan Lending institutions/banks that are VA approved with (Lapp) and offer the bes
We offer very competitive rates and closing cost on our VA loans here at Union National Mortgage. We are a VA approved Lapp Lender and I would be happy to assists in any way. If your interested in a loan quote please call me 517-489-2440.ThanksGus DahlgrenNMLS # 80625

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