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George Dokos's Answers

Is buying a short sale any different than a normal home purchase?
No real difference. Someone from the seller side will be involved as the person approving the short sale. Once you have the approval you can proceed quickly and close the loan. They may require you to use a specific title company but other than that it is just a purchase.Thanks, George
Can I purchase a home with FHA or VA and get funds to add on an inground pool?
Unfortunately the pool will have to be built with your own funds. The pool is considered a luxury and not part of the structure of the home itself. There are loan programs available to renovate & rehab property but not to add a pool. I am located in Virginia, if anyone would like to talk with me regarding...
How can I get loan if I don't receive W-2's on new job?
Are you looking for a home in Virginia? If so, I can help,George DokosMovement Mortgager757-771-8862 mobile
I have a customer who is looking to refinancing a gas station and an investment property in AZ. They have a short sale on their cr
That is strictly a commercial loan. If you have a residential loan in VA. please feel free to give me a call. Regards George 757-771-8862
Are FHA loans only for primary residences?
You can use an FHA loan to purchase a 1 to 4 unit investment property but you must live in one of the units for one full year. If you are looking for a property in Virginia, please give me a call.Regards George 757-771-8862
how much is the closing cost on a refinance 30 yr fixed loan for 40000
Closing costs vary widely with each lender & broker. Some lenders absorb most or all of the closing costs, and raise the rate to cover those costs. Contact one of the good lenders on this forum, who services your area. Usually 2 to 4% of your total loan amount, this includes escrows. If you are in...
I just got discharge from filing bankrupty. I want to purchase me home. Will I be able to? If so, how do I go about finding a lend
I would need to know if it was a chpt 7, 11 or 13. Most lenders will require a waiting period of 4 years from the discharge date. They will also see that you have rebuilt or established new credit and that you have used it wisely for a conventional loan. FHA may finance you after 2 yrs out of a chpt 7 with new credit...
Is it better to pay off a loan quickly or make standard payments?
It is always best to borrow as little money as needed and to repay that money as soon as possible. The term of a loan is the most important aspect of your mortgage. By shortening your term you can save thousands of dollars in interest charges. Just think of a 30 year loan that has 360 payments vs a 20 year loan...
What are our chances of qualifying for a new home with my husband only being at his current job 6 months?
If your husband will be in the same line of work you should be all set to use his new employer. The key will be your credit, don't be afraid to look at it. There are several companies that you can check your scores with, ie: experian , Transunion, equifax . Once you know how your credit looks you can begin...
i need to get a loan for 12,000.oo, my home is valued at 75000,oo. credit rate 685
Based on the loan size, your best bet would be a local credit union.
Which is better, a cash-out refinance or a second mortgage?
Call me to go over your options for a Cash Out Refi.
How big of a down payment do I need to put forth to get the best rates on a conventional loan?
A 20% down payment will eliminate PMI, putting 30% down may give you slightly better pricing. You would have to decide what size down payment fits your financial plans. Please try to remember that an eighth of a percent difference in the rate on a $200,000 dollar loan is only $14.00 per month. Putting down...
We do not have any overlays. We use Fannie/Freddie Guidelines only.
Terry Laughlin, need info to inquiry on purchasing some of these homes -
Yes !! Please feel free to call me at the office: 757-645-0715. Happy Easter, George
I'm looking for a VA home loan. Yes, I'm in the military. Are there any lenders who will take a mid score of 620 or higher?
Happy Easter, Please give me a call at the office. I specialize in VA loans. Mid 620 is ideal for the VA program. Regards, GeorgeDirect line: 757-645-0715
Can I get a residential mortgage rate on commercial property used only for primary residence?
No, Please feel free to call me at the office: 757-645-0715. Happy Easter, George
can i get a mortgage if my credit score is 677
Yes !! Please feel free to call me at the office: 757-645-0715. Happy Easter, George
Can we legally buy another house to live in if we just refinanced
You can buy another home anytime you would like to go forward with a purchase.

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