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Georges Kfoury's Blog

Can Mortgage Rates Possibly Be Any Lower?
Updated Oct. 9, 2013
The continuous decrease in current mortgage rates has made some potential home buyers think about the timing of a mortgage loan. Should they avail of a loan right now or should they wait for lower mortgage rates? A lot of people predict that the mortgage rates will continue to stay low but for how long?. Some real...
Is Buying Your First Home Getting Harder?
Updated Oct. 9, 2013
Is Buying Your First Home Getting Harder?Yes, it has been said that the housing economy is on its way to recovery, but not everyone is rejoicing. But, less and less first time home buyers could no longer afford to buy their dream homes.. According to a recent survey made on 2,500 real estate agents, only 34.7 % of all...
How soon can I Buy a House after Foreclosure?
Updated Oct. 9, 2013
Nowadays, foreclosures do not seem to be a big deal anymore. Since the crashing of the housing market in the past it seemed like a usual thing, unlike ages ago when people really put stigma on homeowners whose homes were lost in foreclosures.. But losing one's home in foreclosure is still one of the worst things...
What is the Best Way to Choose a Home?
Updated Oct. 9, 2013
All of us have a dream home in mind, but in reality we really have to look around and choose which house closely resembles to the dream home we have in mind. Though every person has a different taste, need and lifestyle but there are useful tips that could actually help a home buyer get the home of his dreams without a...

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