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second house
You mat sell at any time except when purchase was from a HUD home or REO that specifically placed a resell time frame. Things to keep in mind are costs in selling your home. You may expect Realtor fees and escrow closing costs to be about 7-9% of sale price. So if your selling 20-30k more that gain may be...
Question about buying older home vs. newer condo?
It comes down to preference. With a condo you still are responsible for everything within the walls (since you mentioned pipes). A SFR is a bit more privacy while a Condo is more of an apartment type environment. HOA's may cover some expenses you may have to pay if you went with a SFR. Some HOA's cover water...
Credit score question
Your credit score is a based on a mix of criteria. There may be no other way to increase but time since length of credit is one of the items. Without knowing more details this is hard to answer.
Equity needed fo a reverse mortgage, youngest homeowner is 63
Hi,I would be happy to help. As to the age minimums it sounds like your fine. As to the max amount loanable it does depend on several factors, but typically 50 to 65% of property value, FHA loan limits, sales price etc...Giovanni Aranda619-669-5518
With rates low does it make any sense to pay points to reduce the rate even further on a 15 year fixed rate refinance?
I believe it depends. Are you someone that will refinance in the next few years (kids college education, bill consolidation, lower rate) then no I would not suggest points but if you will keep your loan and not refinance I would suggest depending on the long term savings. Wish to discuss further? Call me...
On a reversed morgage do both husband and wife have to be on title?
Not necessarily but I would need more details to make sure. You can call me directly at 619-669-5518 to ask any questions you like.Warm RegardsGiovanni Aranda
Can I refinance if the house is worth less then what I owe
If you are upside down your home loan may qualify for the HARP program. Your MUST be Fannie or Freddie Mac backed. To find out you can search on their online websites. If you need help with this call me and I can check for you. Warm Regards, Giovanni Aranda 619-669-5518NMLS 963508 CA
Low Credit Score
It will always depend on what your actual FICO score is. Although, it may depend on your equity and type of loan program. If you are interested in a Reverse Mortgage, it is based on your equity and age. Call me if you wish to go over more details and options. 619-669-5518
Is there a fee charged or any other obligation if I complete the online application?
No fee to complete an online application. I do suggest a direct call. Many times a refinance is not in your best interest but that depends on information gathered in a conversation. Saves you time! Fee l free to call me at 619-669-5518
do lenders lend to students?
If you have a full time career employer after graduation a loan would be possible. I would need 2 months paystubs from a new job after school. Call or email me for additional information. 619-669-5518 or
my BK discharge is 08/2011 but my home was sold in Short sale in 04/2012. I included the mortgages in my BK7. Do I have to wait 2 years from BK date or Short Sale Date?
From what I have experienced, you will have to wait 2 years from the Short Sale even though the mortgages were part of your BK 7.
I have a question about what type of loan to get when buying my home.
Your lender should be able to go over the programs you qualify for and point out the least expensive monthly. If you would like to discuss in detail call me at 619-669-5518
10 year ARM
Yes. Can contact me at 619-669-5518
Fha or conventional loan for rental property
FHA is only for Primary Residence. Would have to go conventional.
I Bought a car in sept, what r my chances for getting a mortgage?
It depends on your debt to income ratio and the type of home loan applying for (VA, FHA, Conventional) Each allows for a different debt to income ratio maximums. Other factors are also considered such as how much you have saved up that you can show as reserves. Feel free to contact me at 619-669-5518 if any...
How soon can we re apply for a loan if we wee declinced because of income?
Hi Linda, You can apply right away but if you have not had an increase in income, decrease in monthly obligations, increase in down payment or if you are not reducing the loan amount you are requesting I do not think there would be a different outcome. Another option that may help is if you now have a co...
looking for a VA loan.
Hi, I'm a Vet and a mortgage broker. I would be glad to help. You can call me direct (619-669-5518 or fill out app on my website and I will reach out to you.
VA Refi - Pending Foreclosure
Hi, Sorry to hear of your situation. Have you considered a Reverse mortgage? If you qualify you will not need to make mortgage payments. You can contact me to further discuss if this is an option. 619-669-5518Giovanni ArandaAmerican 1st Home Loans

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