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George Kulcsar's Answers

In searching for a home, when is the best time to involve a mortgage person? Should we do it after we find a good home to buy?
You should always get pre-qualified first to first see how much you can afford to buy a home. Second, a realtor will always ask if you are pre-qualified before they will go out and show you a home, as they need to also know what price range you can afford.
are mortgage rates better for investment property versus second home in San Diego
Rates and down payments are always lower on second homes then investment properties because of the risk to banks. I can go over both options for you if you give me a call to see what works out best for you. Thanks.George KulcsarLoanSimple562-335-82472
Do you know of any lenders willing to do a va backed construction loan? If so what is their name? Thank you
Hi Kenneth,Yes there are lenders that specialize in these types of loans (Very Few) and I have a few that can do the deal depending on where and how much you qualify for. The best way for you to really know what's out there is to get pre-approved. I can be reached directly at or at...
Can i get a va loan on vacant land?
Hi Jolene,Are you looking to construct a new property on that piece of land. If so then there is a VA One-Time construction loan that combines the land and construction of property into one loan.If your looking just to purchase land I don't believe VA allows for this you would need to do a land loan. Give me a...

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