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Geoff Longwell's Answers

Can my wife's bad credit hurt our mortgage rates?
She does not necessarily have to be on the mortgage. However, if you need her income to qualify then she will have to be on it. An FHA purchase loan may be the way to go if you need to use her income to qualify, as FHA pricing does not go up for having a lower credit score. Her 640 meets the minimum, and you'd...
What kind of credit do I need to get a mortgage?
I'd be more than happy to work with you on a pre-qualification to determine the best mortgage that meets your needs. I'm located near Harrisburg PA, however I'm in Philadelphia once a week to meet with clients and I'd be happy to meet with you as well. Congratulations on the job!...
Can an outstanding lawsuit affect me getting a mortgage?
I would suggest that it certainly could, however the devil is in the details. PA is a first party medical state for car accidents, meaning that the injured's own auto insurance policy pays the first $5,000 of medical bills due to injury by auto-no matter who is at fault. He could be walking down the...
Can I refinance a property without being on the title/deed?
I'd be happy to discuss the details and advise on your options.
can my mother sell me her house for the amount she owe bank 109000 the FMV of the house is 250000
You have some options for sure. I'm in Central PA, happy to discuss with you.
How much down to purchase a 2nd home?
This can certainly work. I'm local to the Carlisle area if you want to discuss in detail.
On the mortgage, not on deed. We need to purchase?
I'm in PA and closed a loan with almost this exact scenario just last week. I'd be happy to pass along that individual as a contact for you to verify if you wish. I'm in Central PA and I'd be happy to discuss this with you, certainly options are available. www.englendingpa...

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