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Glory Bialli's Answers

Does My Mother Need A Refi
To get your name off of the deed, you can quit-claim your interest to your mother - thereby, removing yourself from the deed.
Can you turn a VA loan into a conventional loan?
You could, if you were living in it - in today's market! Unfortunately, now that you have rented it out, it has become investment property. No one will refinance an investment property, in today's tight market. Anyone that tells you any different, is not being honest!
Is it possible to refinance our mortgage and 2nd equity loan after bankruptcy?
I would suggest that you look at - they're a non-profit crusading organization that can help you get a 2% rate for the life of your mortgage as well as reduced payments! When you are working with them, it's like being under an umbrella of protection - the lenders are all afraid of NACA...

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