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Gregg Martin's Answers

Do I need Private Mortgage Insurance For my refinance?
Hey Wade,As long as what you owe is above 80% which right now you are at 85.7% you will be required to carry Mortgage Insurance. Some lenders may have diffrent programs that may allow you now to have it but almost all of them require you to have it if you owe more then 80 Loan to Value on your home.Gregg...
Is refinancing the right move for me?
Good Afternoon, It seems that the rates he is quoting is high due to what rates are currently. However, I am not sure what your credit looks like. I would urge you to get a Good Faith Estimate from several different lenders to see who offers you the best rate and closing cost. Anytime someone says they will...
So does \"pool mortgage insurance\" disqualify me for HARP or not
Their are several factors we need to know. The first question is your loan Fannie or Freddie owned? Are you current on your payments? It does not matter if your loan is sold in a pool of other loans and if it didn't require PMI then that is not an issue either. It is important to remember that lenders do...

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