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Gregory Janicki's Answers

53% DTI can I qualify?
I can see you have had several responses. The two consistent remarks; a) use a local company, not one of the big box banks, b) use FHA. Both are correct. I strongly suggest you have a phone call with someone (or a couple of people) to review all the details. There may be other aternatives or put time on your side...
Construction loan - Atlanta, GA
I would stay clear of Wells, unless you have a considerable amount of time before closing. Although SunTrust has changed their program, they have remained competitive. Either Brand or Private Bank, be sure to get the terms outlined specifically. One size does NOT fit all. Have you considered a 203K,...
Veteran looking for a VA LOAN
It is very possible you may qualify to purchase now, but there are numerous factors to be considered by the lender. If you would like to speak to me I can be reached at 770.880.2680. I have 25+ years Mortgage Lending experience which may help you. Have a good day!!

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