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* Over 15 years of mortgage banking & real estate investment experience.
* Over 1000 real estate transactions closed personally.
* Successfully built real estate portfolios for 5 investors that gave them over $1,000,000 in additional net worth.
* Assisted investors in acquiring real estate assets that provided an annual ROI of over 20% from the annual cash flow of the real estate asset.
* Assisted investors in acquiring real estate assets that provided an annual equity to cash appreciation of over 20% per year.
* Successfully purchased, rehabbed and sold over 50 properties for myself and investors.
* Examined, evaluated and recommended approval of customer applications for jumbo loans and prepared jumbo loan packages (to $700,000) for review by major private investors.
* Served as an adviser and answered general underwriting questions for loan processors and loan originators.
* Processed residential loan applications from initial application to closing.
* Reviewed borrowers' loan applications to insure completeness of data; verified information listed on applications and obtained additional documents required for sale of loans to secondary market.
* Provided detailed updates to borrowers, attorneys, brokers and underwriters to ensure a smooth closing by scheduled closing date.

Benefits to Borrowers - FREE Consultation

First Time Home Buyers

Get pre-approved - Prior to looking at homes to purchase, it is important to know what price range you will qualify for based on your income and purchase price of the property, but you also need to know how the costs of home owner's insurance and property taxes affect your overall loan approval.
Credit - How to properly prepare your credit report to ensure you have the highest score possible prior to your loan request going to underwriting. This consultation includes the information you need to stop collection agencies from updating to your credit report, getting as much negative information as possible deleted and what steps you need to take to add as much positive information as possible.
Income - Having an experienced loan officer review your income documents so that you are not surprised in underwriting with debt to income calculations that exceed the calculations you anticipated. This includes paystubs, w2's, tax returns, benefit statements and income from assets.
Assets - Review of your assets to provide consultation regarding large deposits, NSF's, also what amount you need to show in your bank account to ensure approval in underwriting.
Subject Property - Review of the property to determine what kind of financing is required for the property. FHA / VA / Conventional Loans all have property specifications.

Homeowners that need to Refinance

Lower Payments - Take advantage of today's low rates. RATES ARE GOING UP!!!
Reduce Debt
Increase Monthly Cash Flow
Increase Net Worth - by using the savings to payoff your mortgage faster

Seniors - That need a REVERSE MORTGAGE

Review of your financial situation to determine if a REVERSE MORTGAGE is suitable for you.
This program is often used to save homes from foreclosure, eliminate mortgage payments, increase monthly cash flow so that available income can be used for medical expenses or other needs family members may have.
Must be 62 years of age or older
Converts Equity into Tax-Free Cash
Eliminates Monthly Mortgage Payments
Government Insured
Provides - Peace of Mind

Investors - Purchasing Properties

Hard Money Available - to purchase properties rehab and resell.
FHA Programs available for investors to sell properties to First Time Home buyers when the investor has owned the property for less than 90 days.
Investor Loans available that allow investors to own 20 properties.
Assistance with marketing properties for sale by putting signs in front of properties, making flyers and pre-approving prospects interested in purchasing the property.

Benefits to Realtors

Sell your property faster with additional marketing efforts (i.e. internet marketing, signs and flyers).
Close in 30 to 45 days.
Save time and frustration by having your prospects fully pre-approved prior to executing a sales contract.

FHA Purchase Programs

560 FICO - 90% LTV - 10% Down
580 FICO - 96.5% LTV - 3.5% Down

FHA Refinance Programs

560 FICO - Rate & Term/Streamline/No Appraisal - 100% LTV
600 FICO - Rate & Term/Streamline/ No Appraisal
REFI CASHOUT - 560 FICO/75% LTV - 600 FICO/80% LTV - 620 FICO/85% LTV

There has been a lot of mis-information circulating regarding HARP loans. It is true that lender overlays in the beginning made it almost impossible to qualify for these loans, but now that has changed. This program was put...
Here are some important factors to consider when purchasing a home. CREDIT 1.) Everyone knows credit is important. Its true that you can still purchase a home with credit scores down to 580, but you want to get your score to...

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